Grimoire: Manastorm is a free to play, multiplayer FPS/TPS in which powerful wizards battle for territory and prestige. Choose from six classes of magic, customize your spell loadout with dozens of abilities, and prove yourself worthy of the Grimoire’s power in battles as cunning as they are fierce.  Grimoire: Manastorm is available on Steam and more information on the game can be found on the official website.

Role: Lead programmer, Design, Production



*All systems shown are fully networked/replicated for an authoritative client->server architecture

  • Designed and implemented foundation of all game code from base game mode with a designer-friendly archetype/kismet system allowing in-editor creation of classes and spells.

  • Gamemodes

    • Conquest​

    • FFA

    • Survival

  • A Multitude of spells, projectile functionality, and custom spell objects

  • FrontEnd and UI 2.0 Systems in Scaleform and AS3

  • Animation Systems

  • Free-to-play Systems

  • Steamworks integration