Desolance is a solo project made with UE4 in early 2015.  Set in a low-fantasy setting with three action-combat types: melee weaponry, bows, and magic.  Desolance was inspired by Rust and many core systems have been integrated and are functioning properly in a networked setting.

Role: Everything



*All systems shown are fully networked/replicated for an authoritative client->server architecture

All systems were prioritized in C++ due to speed over blueprints.

  • Custom authoritative server SQL plugin including a client authentication system,  persistent character state/inventory saves, and game state saves for spawned actors.

  • Modular pawn system allowing for multiple body slots being swapped at runtime.  Following a particular workflow utilizing Mixamo Fuse and rigging systems, assets are created quickly and brought into game via blueprints.

  • Full Inventory System made in UMG including functionalities such as splitting, using consumables, augmenting gear, and dropping items out of your inventory and into the game world.

  • Extensive animation system containing 7 unique locomotion systems determined by your weapon equipped with proper blending.

  • Custom stats system allowing players to attune into different attributes for slightly higher perks depending on playstyle

  • Archery system utilizing consumable arrows of multiple arrow types

  • Basic melee system

  • Gathering tools and harvester node functionality